What is LINX2Funds
Would you like to get paid monthly on services your members use on a daily basis?  The LINX2FUNDS program allows your organization  to earn upfront and monthly residual income on bills and essential services being used by the members of your church or non profit organization.  In addition the LINX2Funds program can help your members save money on some of their monthly bills.  Watch this video to learn more about an innovative way to raise monthly income for your organization.
LINX2Funds Mission Statement
Our Mission is to offer a Unique Fund Raising Program that provides organizations the opportunity to generate upfront and residual revenue simply by helping their members save money on every day telecommunications, entertainment and other needed services.
The LINX2Funds Difference
  • A Simple, Creative & Easy to Implement Fund Raising Program
  • Provides Organizations the Opportunity to Offer Every Day Services to Their Supporters, Members, Employees & Customers at a discount
  • Program Focused on Generating One Time & Residual Revenue for Organizations
Who is Eligible
  • Any non-profit 501(c)3 organization is eligible to participate in the LINX2Funds program
  • Common participants included Churches, Schools, Community & Fraternal Organizations, Youth Sports teams/leagues, Local Chambers of Commerce & Business Organizations, and many, many more
Benefits of LINX2Funds
  • Supporters, Customers, Employees & Members Save Money on Services that Enhance Their Lives
  • Help Organizations Generate Sustained Revenue Every Month
  • One Time Fund Raising Effort Generates:
    Short-Term Capital Infusion
    Long-Term Continuous Monthly Proceeds
LINX2Funds is a Simple, Creative & Easy to Implement Fund Raising Program
LINX2Funds Provides Organizations the Opportunity to Produce Revenue from Every Day Services Used by Their Supporters, Members, Employees & Customers
Let LINX2Funds Generate Upfront & Residual Fund Raising Revenue For Your Organizations
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